The Journal for the AAHC Relaunches!

The Journal of the American Association for History and Computing was for many years a premiere place to publish work about using technology in history, but has been relatively dormant the last few years.

But the need for the journal is greater than ever. Despite the laudable 'big tent' approach in the Digital Humanities, the field can often feel dominated by literary and linguistic scholarship---especially cutting edge research in those fields---making it harder for historians to find relevant work for their own discipline. Journals like LLC, or even DHQ, can seem too intimidating for most humanists without considerable mathematical or technical chops.

The new JAHC seeks to provide a centralized place for discussion about how technology is impacting specifically historical scholarship and pedagogy, creating a lower barrier of entry to the community of digital historians, inclusive of all range of technical abilities.

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Now Accepting Volume Suggestions

Do you have a particular topic in mind that you’d like to see addressed in an upcoming volume of the JAAHC? What issues at the intersection of history and technology are most pressing right now? Send any and all ideas to the editor.

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